InkMart Print & Imaging Solutions Franchise

InkMart Print & Imaging Solutions Franchise

Success within the Multi-Billion Dollar Ink & Toner Industry!

InkMart Print & Imaging Solutions Franchise Opportunities (Click Here )

Inkmart is a inkjet and laser toner cartridges distributor franchise opportunity. Despite a slowing economy, printing continues to increase. This is not surprising when you consider America’s insatiable appetite for computers, digital cameras and other devices that make printing on demand easier than ever before. More computers and digital devices mean more demand for affordable office and home printers. As prices for printers continue to drop, demand for ink and toner goes up, up, up.

Having a rewarding career, job or business opportunity doesn’t have to be a dream. You just need to choose a path that can offer you a stress-free but lucrative road. This path is available right now within the ink & toner industry, a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry that continues to grow annually.

Why Choose InkMart?

Securing capital to start a business right now is tough, so InkMart devised a solution for you. InkMart is a direct importer and national distributor of ink and toner cartridges, and has developed their own franchise business model.


The advantages to the individual operators are many, including:

  • InkMart Print & Imaging Solutions Franchise Opportunities (Click Here )No inventory cost;
  • Low entry fee;
  • Home-based opportunity;
  • Multiple sources of “recurring” income;
  • B2C;
  • B2B;
  • Direct online sales;
  • Corporate accounts.
The alternative to other franchised brands:
  • No Inventory Required;
  • No Storefront Required;
  • Greatly Reduced Overhead Expenses

EVERY BUSINESS IS A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER.. In fact, anyone with a printer, copier or fax machine is a potential customer. These consumable products need to be replaced over and over again. It’s easy to sell and grow when we’re offering items everyone needs and uses daily.



Why Take Advantage of InkMart’s Great Opportunity

Smart business individuals all over have already started their careers within this very lucrative market.
The company’s plan is to capture an even greater share of the multi-billion dollar a year “consumable” ink and toner business.
  • The concept has been proven financially successful;
  • Offers you RECURRING income;
  • There is a demand for reducing costs on consumable office supplies;
  • The daily business operations are easy to manage;
  • Your business can be run part-time or full-time;
  • The timing is PERFECT for an inexpensive business option.

Two important keys in selecting a stress free career is to find an opportunity that can offer you
both long-term employment and recurring income. These are two very important ingredients to
financial happiness. Without the ability for long-term employment, all of your years of effort will
be lost when you’re forced to search for another opportunity. Without recurring income, you’re
only as good as your last sale; requiring you to constantly work to maintain your income.

InkMart Widest Selection of Products


We carry over 4,000 different part numbers with 30,000 + items in stock for immediate delivery.Products and stock levels are continuously being adjusted and filled to meet technology and client demand.

We maintain products for:

  • InkMart Print & Imaging Solutions Franchise Opportunities (Click Here )Inkjet Cartridges and Paper;
  • Laser Fusers and Drum Kits;
  • Thermal Fax Ribbons and Cartridges;
  • Copier Toners;
  • Printer and POS Ribbons;
  • Consumable Office Supplies;
  • Laser and Fax Toner Cartridges.


InkMart Iron Clad Guarantee

InkMart Print & Imaging Solutions Franchise Opportunities (Click Here )Our products are co-manufactured in factories that are ISO 9002/14001 and STMC Certified. All our products are guaranteed to perform equal to the OEM brands, plus we offer a FREE repair and/or replacement warranty on any equipment that is damaged by using our products.

InkMart eWare

InkMart offers a full-suite of integrated business solution tools to support our sales representatives and client interactions. This comprehensive suite of web-based software tools allow for:
  • InkMart Print & Imaging Solutions Franchise Opportunities (Click Here )Automated Quotes;
  • Quick Orders;
  • eCoupons;
  • Product Comparisons;
  • Automatic Billing;
  • eMarketing;
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Client Tracking;
  • Shipment Tracking;
  • Sales and Product Reports;
  • Commission Tracking;
  • Business Accounting.

Help Our School

Help Our School is a charitable fundraising organization that uses office supplies and other incentives to provide “cash back” to schools nationwide. and have developed completely unique ways to give “cash” directly back to local schools. They have teamed with hundreds of national merchants and franchisors to create an unparalleled program to Help Schools, Help Teachers and Help the Students.

By joining the program, the area developer is placed in the enviable position of being the liaison between the elected officials, school board members and these contributing merchants to help the local schools in your community.

As the area developer, you not only benefit from the prestige and tremendous good will of being associated with these incredible programs but you also benefit financially by helping to administer the program.

The Company is looking for talented business administrators who are outgoing and sociable. These programs cost the schools nothing to get involved in and the cash-back to them can be enormous so, there is NO selling.

The area distributor’s job is to be a conduit, make the introductions, develop the relationships and deliver the checks to the schools. All types of schools can benefit from these programs, hereby allowing you to benefit as well. Private, public, faith-based, daycare, vocational, colleges and universities.

Separately each of these is great business opportunities but when combined, they offer something completely unique: Tremendous Income Potential while providing the much needed Help to Schools in your community.

Infrastucture Support

The company has created a comprehensive business support infrastructure which includes proprietary software designed to simplify product ordering by remembering each client’s specific printer(s) and ink requirements. In addition, this integrates invoice processing, ordering tracking, automated shipping and accounting modules.

Franchise Requirements

InkMart Is Looking For?

Experienced sales and business professionals who are interested in building:


  • Financial Security;
  • Recurring Income.
This is a home-based opportunity that requires low overhead costs!

Franchise fee?

Single Units – Starting at $6,000
Area Development Territory: Starting at $25,000
In-House Financing on larger territories. Territorial fees range from $25,000 – $200,000 depending on area population.



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