1-800-DryClean Franchise

1-800-DryClean Franchise

Dry-Cleaning Delivery Service

  • 1-800-DryClean Franchise Opportunities No cold calling;
  • Builds equity quickly;
  • Increasing demand for dry cleaning services;
  • Repeat clientele;
  • Strong support from a proven 25 year-old franchisor; and
  • Low cost.

Company History

1-800-DryClean Franchise Opportunities



Total Number of Units:116
Franchised Units:116
Year Established:2000
Franchising Since:2000
Awards:Franchise 500, Top 50 Minorities, 100 Top New Franchises, Fast 50

Benefits of Owning Your Franchise

  • 1-800-DryClean Franchise Opportunities This concept would allow you to enter the dry cleaning industry with all of its stability & profits for 1/10th as much as it would cost to open a full-service dry cleaner.
  • The reason you can get into this business at 1/10 the typical investment is that you do not actually open a dry cleaning plant.
  • The actual dry cleaning is “subbed out” (although not apparent to your customers). For the same charge your customers get door-to-door service & exceptional quality.
  • Money-back refund offer: $75,000 in gross sales in your first 18 months or your money back (refund of the initial franchise fee).
  • Builds equity quickly.
  • All resales average 72% of annual gross revenues.
  • Increasing demand for dry cleaning services.
  • Repeat clientele generates predictable cash flow.
  • Easy to remember name, nationally recognized brand.
  • Strong support from a proven 25 year-old franchisor.
  • Low-cost, home-based opportunity with quick ramp up.

Financial Investment

1-800-DryClean Franchise Opportunities

Total Initial Investment:$69,900 – $92,450*
Franchise Fee:$9,900
Liquid Capital Required:$60,000
Net Worth Required:$100,000
Financial Assistance:No
Start-Up Capital:$20,400 – $42,950
*includes: Franchise Fee: $9,900 | Territory Fee: $24,900 | Initial Package: $14,700 | Working Capital: $20,400 – $42,950

Training and Support

  • 4-6 week Right Start pre-opening preparation;
  • One-week initial training in Ann Arbor, MI;
  • 3-day in-field training;
  • Business launch;
  • On-going training through intranet site;
  • Webinars;
  • Conference calls;
  • Peer group calls;
  • One-on-one support calls/field visits; and regional meetings.
Does Corporate Assist in Site Selection:No
Does Corporate Provide Advertising and Marketing (Local, National):Yes
Does Corporate Provide Continued Training:Yes

Franchise Requirements

Candidate Role

1-800-DryClean Franchise Opportunities The Owner/Operator model is where you would use your skill sets in the operational aspects of the business including:
  • Marketing routes to full van capacity;
  • Foster customer relationships;
  • Cultivate partnership with dry cleaner.
When you choose to grow beyond owner/operator model; you would hire, train & manage drivers, marketers, and office support staff.
68% of owners have a single van/single territory business. Owners spend day Driving, Maintaining Customer Relationships and Managing Marketing Campaigns 4 days a week.
Successful 1-800-DryClean franchisees achieve their goals because they share these common traits:
  • Energy and resources to start their own business;
  • Solid management skills;
  • Commitment to providing the highest level of service;
  • Results-driven personalities and success-oriented attitudes;
  • A deep understanding and appreciation of the value of loyal customer relationships;
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Vision and perseverance to achieve their goals.


Top 35 Target Market Areas

All US (especially: Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Washington DC, and Houston TX)

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