Negocio de Reparación de Calzado. Se vende en Port Charlotte.

Reparación de calzado

Shoe repair business that has served the Venice-Port Charlotte community for over 24 years. It has a traditional clientele and little local competition. The commercial premises where it operates is fully equipped with the necessary machinery, tools, and supplies to carry out the work fully from the first day. The inventory of raw materials plus fixtures, furniture, equipment, and supplies has an estimated value of $32,000. The store’s rent is only $600 per month for a 1,200 square foot area. The store is located in front of a high-traffic avenue, the HW41, and offers ample parking space for its customers. The owner sells because he suffers from health problems but is willing to pass on to the buyer all the craftsmanship necessary for efficient shoe repair. To increase business activity, it is feasible to develop a website and social networks and also place a luminous sign in front of the premises. Price: $49,000.
Alfredo Gonzalez
(305) 351-7766
Alfredo @

City:Venice-Port Charlotte
County:Port Charlotte
Zip Code:33952
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